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Welcome to our web-site for The Unity of the Spirit . This   web-site   grows   out   of   12   years   of   publishing   a   regular   newsletter   entitled The   Unity   of   the   Spirit .   With   the   coming   of   the   age   of   the   internet   we   decided recently   to   change   our   focus   to   developing   a   web-site   which   archives   all   of   our past   issues   and   articles   from   the   newsletter   while   at   the   same   time   providing current   and   up-to-date   information   on   matters   of   interest   to   Christian   believers. We   hope   this   new   format   will   make   it   easier   for   interested   believers   to   take advantage of the resources we have produced over the years. I   hope   that   everyone   will   take   some   time   to   browse   through   the   Headings above.   In   particular,   I   would   point   out   that   we   now   have   all   of   the   back   issues   of The   Unity   of   the   Spirit   archived   in   a   PDF   format.   In   addition,   most   of   the   major articles   from   these   past   issues   are   also   now   arranged   by   topics   in   PDF   form and   can   be   easily   found,   read,   or   downloaded   to   share   with   others.   As   time goes   on   we   will   continue   to   add   new   articles   to   the   topical   list   and   will   call   your attention   to   them   as   appropriate.   In   the   "Recommendations"   Heading   we   will continuously   update   the   recommended   Bibles   and   Bible   Study Aids   as   we   gain new    information    on    books,    etc.    that    we    believe    are    particularly    helpful    for believers.   Finally,   we   will   provide   an   on-going   blog   that   will   be   written   primarily by   me   on   the   front   page.   It   will   be   on-going   but   not   according   to   any   particular schedule.   It   will   deal   with   all   manner   of   topics   related   to   helping   believers   to grow   together   as   God's   people   in   the   light   of   the   unity   of   the   Spirit   in   the   bond   of peace. Our   goal   throughout   has   been   that   this   web-site   would   be   simple,   attractive   and easy   to   use.   In   addition,   we   hope   that   the   quality   of   the   articles,   information, and   recommendations   we   make   can   be   a   true   blessing   in   helping   God's   people to   speak   the   truth   in   love   so   that   together   we   can   grow-up   in   all   things   into   the head,   Christ   (Eph.   4:15-16).   The   information   presented   is   meant   to   be   an   aid   to both   individual   Christian   believers   and   to   Bible   fellowships,   churches   and   other groups of believers. Richie Temple Contact Us Richie Temple Scot Hahn Home Fellowship Cary Christian Fellowship