The Unity of the Spirit holds to the fundamental principle that Christian beliefs and practices should be determined solely by the original intent and meaning of the Scriptures themselves; that is, on the meaning of both the Old and New Testaments with the New Testament setting forth the fulfillment of Old Testament themes and promises. As such, all of our articles base themselves, to the best of our ability, on the original intent and meaning of the Bible itself and not on post-biblical traditions, creeds, or philosophical speculations. The articles are grouped in the following subject areas: Subject 1: One God, the Father  Subject 2: One Lord, Jesus Christ  Subject 3: One Spirit of the Living God  Subject 4: One Salvation: Present and Future   Subject 5: One People of God: Israel, the Church and the Practical Christian Life  Subject 6: Understanding the Bible Subject 7: Creation

One God, the Father  

The Reign of God Richie Temple 1995  God Almighty Chuck LaMattina 1995  God is One Person Mark Mattison 1995  The Sovereignty of God Richie Temple 1995  The Father Alone is God Don Robertson 1996  One God - Two Men Wanda Shirk 1996  The Oneness of God: Twenty Biblical Reasons for Believing in One God, the Father Wanda Shirk 1996  One God, the Father Richie Temple 1998  One God, One People of God, and One Hope of Salvation Richie Temple 2001  The Sovereignty of God Richie Temple 2003 The Attributes of God Chuck LaMattina 2005

One Lord, Jesus Christ 

Our Savior, Christ the Lord Richie Temple 1995 God Sent His Son Richie Temple 1996 Does "Jesus is Lord" = "Jesus is Yahweh"? Richie Temple 1996 Jesus: Lord of My Life Tracy Savage 1996 Doulos of Jesus Christ Richie Temple 1996 The Messiah Richie Temple 1996 Where Jesus is Called "God" Wanda Shirk 1996 Who Is Jesus?  Wanda Shirk 1996 The Birth of the Messiah Richie Temple 1996 Salvation in No Other Name Chuck LaMattina 1998 Jesus Christ our Savior Sarah Waite 1998 One in Christ Jesus Richie Temple 2001 The Historical Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Richie Temple 2009 The Confession of Thomas--John 20:28 Patrick Navas 2011

One Spirit of the Living God 

Who Is the Holy Spirit? Wanda Shirk 1995 Holy Spirit, "holy Spirit" or "holy spirit" Which is Biblically Accurate? Richie Temple 1996 One Spirit – One Body Chuck LaMattina 1997 Cessationism Bill Wachtel 1997 Now Concerning Spiritual Matters ... Richie Temple 1997 God’s Empowering Presence Chuck LaMattina 1998 Written in Our Hearts Steve Santini 1998 Speaking in Tongues: Manifesting the Spirit of God Scot Hahn 1998 Holy Spirit Guarantees the Christian Inheritance Mark Cooner 1999 Accepted by God Scot Hahn 2017

One Salvation: Present and Future

Justification by Faith Richie Temple 1995 The Protestant Reformation Richie Temple 1995 The Hopes and Fears of All the Years Chuck LaMattina 1995 What are "Eternal Life" and "Eternal Punishment"? Richie Temple 1995 The "Mystery" of the Cross of Christ Daniel Mahar 1995 The Nature, Purpose and Destiny of Man Richie Temple 1996 Endless Torture Unbiblical Steve Jones 1996 Is Man a "Spiritual Being" or a "Human Being"? Richie Temple 1996 The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus Richie Temple 1996 Some Contrasts Between Luke 16 and Other Bible Passages on Sheol-Hades Don Robertson 1996 The Nature of Man Richie Temple 1996 The Fullness of the Blessing of the Gospel of Christ Chuck LaMattina 1996 Commitment to Christ Nelson Coffey 1996 Paul's Perspective on Life:Testifying to The Gospel  Scot Hahn 1996 Kingdom Power and Kingdom Joy Tracy Savage 1996 The Book of Daniel: A Message for the 21st Century Adam Kleczkowski 1996 The Danielic Background of the New Testament Word "Mystery" Richie Temple 1996 The NT Perspective Richie Temple 1997 The Biblical Hope Richie Temple 1997 The Hope of Immortality Don Robertson 1997 Does Man Have an "Immortal Soul"? Richie Temple 1997 The Hope of Glory Richie Temple 1997 The Old Covenant "Shadow"and New Covenant "Reality" Richie Temple 1997 God’s Work in Christ Scot Hahn 1998 The New Creation in Christ Richie Temple 1998 Salvation by Grace: the Gift of God Richie Temple 1998 Complete in Christ Chuck LaMattina 1998 God’s Plan of Salvation Richie Temple 1998 History and Redemptive History Richie Temple 1998 God’s Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: The Story of Luke-Acts Richie Temple 1998 Living in the End-times Richie Temple 1998 The Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ Richie Temple 1998 Unity in Christ Scot Hahn 1999 Christians Will Inherit Planet Earth Mark Cooner 1999 The Resurrection of Christ Chuck LaMattina 2000 The Resurrection Scot Hahn 2000 Resurrection Proof Jeff Tideman 2000 The Relevance of the Resurrection Chuck LaMattina 2000 The Promise of Salvation Fulfilled Richie Temple 2000 Born of God Tassos Kioulachoglou 2000 The Washing of Rebirth Richie Temple 2000 God's Purpose for His People Richie Temple 2000 Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection from the Dead: the Biblical Witness Richie Temple 2000 Behold the King! Chuck LaMattina 2003 The Christian Identity in Christ Richie Temple 2003 Revelation 20:10 Patrick Navas 2009  

One People of God: Israel, the Church and the Practical Christian Life

Holy Transformation Chuck LaMattina 1995 Walking in the Light Scot Hahn 1995 The Christian at Work Chuck LaMattina 1996 The People of Faith Richie Temple 1996 The Meaning of Communion Mark Mattison 1996 The People of God Richie Temple 1996 What is the "Mystery of Christ?" Richie Temple 1996 Authority in the Church Mark Mattison 1997 Baptism Richie Temple 1997 The Church: A Theological Foundation Mark Mattison 1997 The New Covenant Church of the Body of Christ Richie Temple 1997 The Church of the Living God Richie Temple 1997 The Church in the Home Scot Hahn 1997 Ekklesia Richie Temple 1997 The Basis for Christian Fellowship Keith A. Price 1997 Shepherding the Church of God Chuck LaMattina 1997 The Body of Christ Chuck LaMattina 1997 The Christ-Like Life of the Believer Richie Temple 1997 Why House Church? Richie Temple 1997 The Lord's Supper John Zens 1997 Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy Marilee LaMattina 1998 Good Sex Tracy Savage 1998 The Temptations of Jesus Christ Leesa Railsback 1998 Family Strength and Stability Chuck LaMattina 1999 The Family of God John Saunders 1999 Husbands, Love Your Wives Chuck LaMattina 1999 How to Be a Good Wife Madonna Tideman 1999 Stewards of God's Heritage Marilee LaMattina 1999 Familial Honor Elizabeth Saunders 1999 God's Righteous Rule Richie Temple 1999 Christian Citizenship: Romans 13 Chuck LaMattina 1999 Biblical Principles in Our Everyday Lives Adam Kleczkowski 1999 Biblical Justice Richie Temple 1999 The Leadership of the Apostles Chuck LaMattina 1999 Continuing in the Apostles' Doctrine Richie Temple 1999 Fellowship Rob Luckadoo 1999 Prayer Leesa Railsback 1999 Gracious Giving Yvette Crowell 1999 For the Honor of His Name Chuck LaMattina 1999 Renew Your Mind Chuck LaMattina 2000 A Biblical Worldview Marilee LaMattina 2000 The Fruit of Self-Control Janice Madsen 2000 Biblical Meditation Chuck LaMattina 2000 The Mindset of the Believer Richie Temple 2000 The Fear of God Chuck LaMattina 2001 Raising Up New Generations for God Adam Kleczkowski 2001 The Christ-Like Life Richie Temple 2001 One Nation Under God? Richie Temple 2003 The Struggles We Face Chuck LaMattina 2003 The New Way of the Spirit Richie Temple 2005 Thoughts on the Name "Christian" Patrick Navas 2009 The Biblical View of Sex and Marriage Richie Temple 2015

Understanding the Bible 

Understanding the Bible: Bible Translations Richie Temple 1995 Itching Ears Richie Temple 1995 Once Again ... Richie Temple 1997 Bible Study Richie Temple 1998 Understanding the Bible Richie Temple 1998 Biblical Inspiration Richie Temple 2001 The Gospel: Of First Importance Richie Temple 2001 Common Sense Principles of Biblical Interpretation and Application Richie Temple 2001 The Book of Micah Joe Flory 2005 Which Bible Translation to Choose? Richie Temple 2006 The God-Breathed Scriptures Richie Temple 2006 The Quest for Understanding the Bible Richie Temple 2006 Bible Translations and Versions Richie Temple 2006 


The Created World Richie Temple 2001 In the Beginning Richie Temple 2001 The Purpose of Creation Richie Temple 2003 Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creation Ferenc Jeszensky 2003 Biblical Creation vs. Darwinian Evolution Richie Temple 2003    
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